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Welcome to the Ostento Subscription Packages – Where Rustic Crafts and Small Business Dreams Thrive!

At Ostento, we believe in the power of whimsy, passion, and the extraordinary spirit of small crafters and business owners.

Join our rustic crafts website, where dreams are nurtured, laughter is abundant, and creativity thrives.

Together, we’ll build a community that celebrates handmade wonders and fuels the ambitions of artisans like you.

So, grab your tools, sprinkle a dash of humor into your creations, and let’s craft a memorable journey of success!

Crafting Connoisseur

The “Crafting Connoisseur” – £15 per month

Hey, crafters! Looking to showcase your handmade wonders on Ostento?

The “Crafting Connoisseur” subscription is here to make your dreams a reality.

For just £15 per month, you’ll unlock a dedicated vendor profile and gain access to our vibrant community of artisans.

Get ready to share your creative journey, connect with fellow crafters, and give your small business the spotlight it deserves.

Embrace the rustic charm and let your craftsmanship shine!

3 Months Free Trial

Unlimited Products Every Month

Crafty Advertiser

The “Crafty Advertiser” – £30 per month

Calling all crafty marketers! With the “Crafty Advertiser” subscription priced at £30 per month, we’re taking your business to the next level and beyond.

Not only will you enjoy all the perks of the “Crafting Connoisseur,” but we’ll also sprinkle some advertising magic on your journey.

Your products will be prominently featured on our site, capturing the attention of curious craft lovers from far and wide.

Prepare for a flood of orders and happy customers, all while rocking your creativity!

3 Months Free Trial

Unlimited Products Every Month

Artisan Extraordinaire

The “Artisan Extraordinaire” – £150 per year.

Ready to level up your small craft business like a boss?

The “Artisan Extraordinaire” subscription is your secret weapon!

This package gives you 365 days of unlimited access to Ostento’s rustic kingdom.

Showcase your unique creations, engage with our passionate community, and unlock the door to new opportunities.

Remember, you’re not just an artisan; you’re an extraordinary artist with a touch of rustic enchantment.

3 Months Free Trial

Unlimited Products Every Year


Crafting Dynamo

The “Crafting Dynamo” – £300 per year

Calling all crafting dynamos who believe in going big or going home!

Our “Crafting Dynamo” subscription, priced at £300 per year, offers you the ultimate Ostento experience.

With this all-inclusive package, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the “Artisan Extraordinaire” while receiving prime advertising real estate on our site.

Your products will be front and center, capturing the hearts (and wallets) of eager customers.

3 Months Free Trial

Unlimited Products Every Year

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